About Tom & Lisa

About Tom & Lisa

Our Story

In 2017, Tom and Lisa moved back to live on Tom’s parent’s property ‘Kangarutha’, after many years living and working around Australia.

We love being outdoors and active, and we love getting away from it all…unplugging and recharging, in the remote and wild places.

After working in desk-based fields, Tom and Lisa wanted to do something more grounded and creative.  Tom, through his parents, has always had a natural calling to grow plants. When we arrived back at the property, he soon re-established his parent’s old vegie garden, and this evolved into a micro-market garden.

We love living here at Kangarutha, so close to the coast, but nestled within a private farm and bush setting.  We want Kangarutha to be a place where people come to, to immerse themselves in the natural environment, to relax and renew themselves.  We want to continue the legacy of Tom’s parents – of looking after the land and the landscape, and of welcoming people to this special place.